Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay in installments?

YES! See our Terms and Conditions

Can I bring someone who isn't a photographer?  


Contact us and let us know.  We'll do a deal for them.

I'm a complete novice (or a seasoned pro). Is this tour for me?

You're going to love it.  Don't worry, we cater for everyone!

Why should I choose you over another company?

We only do a few a year because we want to put every effort into making them one of the very best things you will ever experience.  We do them because we are passionate about photography and want to show you how beautiful it is out there and how you too can capture it and make it into memories that last a lifetime.

The tuition is expert with as much or as little one-on-one as you need. You can choose a 4 day tour or if you really want to learn your camera and capture as much as you can the 7 day option is the way to go.

Breakfast is included every day, you'll have a comfy bed to fall into every night, you get sponsors products and gear to use and your fee is spent on the things that count.  With us you get treated like a friend. Find out what others say about us HERE  

We know you have a choice but if you want the best experience your money can buy then come with us.

Can you guarantee good weather?

We wish! This is New Zealand and the weather changes often. However, we've never had to cancel a workshop because of it. We take you through extra editing or move away from any rain. And as long as its not pouring down we're always keen to photograph mood!

My cameras ok but I'd like to try something different. Can I use one of yours?

We carry extra cameras, and lenses, our own and gear from our sponsors. As long as we know in advance it's all good.

I don't have any filters but I've always wanted to try them.  Do you have any spares?

We carry a demo kit with enough for everyone.

Don't worry, we'll sort you out

What's in the Goodie Bag?

Everyone loves Free Stuff!  There's vouchers for great discounts from our sponsors, things to help you remember what you learn and things for your gear bag.  Surprises in here!

I'm going to stay on in Queenstown after the workshop.  Can you recommend a rental car? NZ Rentacars Queenstown.  Tell them you're doing a workshop with us and they will look after you.

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